Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Way to Infinite Abundance Part 6

Exercise 4: This exercise is an extended version of Exercise 3. Our attitude toward material things is important. We take care of things which belong to us, but we sometimes take advantage of things which are the public domain. This is clearly explained in the TOL Vol. 8 on page 149. (Please read that page.) This excercise should be carried out in our daily lives. You can also create your own principles:

1) Pick up trash in public spaces and dump it in an appropriate place. Do not ignore it. If you cannot find a trash can near you, carry a shopping bag and dispose it.

2) While shopping at the supermarket, you often see a thing left at a different place where it doesn't belong such as as a loaf of bread near can food corner or milk near the vegetable stand. Whenever you see it, relocate it to the proper place. Do not think that you will take a job away from the store employees. That is an excuse. Do not also allow yourself to give an excuse that you are already in line to check out. If you cannot do this in the beginning, next time when you go shopping at least you should return an item that you picked up and decided not to buy it.

3) Keeping a smile on your face wherever you go. This ha a positive effect to everyone.

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