Tuesday, August 31, 2010

San Diego Sea World

I didn't have time to take summer vacations; but yesterday was my day off and I was able to take my family to San Diego Sea World. There were many shows and we loved most of them, especially Blue Horizons, Shamu Show [Believe] and Sea Lions LIVE. This picture is the Blue Horizons which was a very unique show with dolphins, pilot whales, birds, animal trainers and acrobatic performers. My children wanted to be seated themselves on the soaked zone, but I didn't want to be wet with splash so we moved to the upper seat.

I liked Shamu Show [Believe]. It was entertaining and my family also enjoyed it.

My wife enjoyed Sea Lions LIVE most. This show was like comedy. The performance was great because of the comical moves of sea lions and their trainers. We also didn't have to understand English perfectly to enjoy the show.

After the dinner, we were heading to home. While I was driving, my youngest daughter was deeply slept in the car. (otsukare)

I am very grateful to my family who spent time with me yesterday. We enjoyed San Diego Sea World, but some environment protecting groups say that these shows are animal abuse. I don't know about it, but all I felt throughout these shows was that every trainer loves animals and seems to connect with them emotionally. I am grateful to those who produce, direct and perform the shows. Thank you very much. Thank yo Sea World staff members and their extended family members of animals.

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