Friday, September 3, 2010

Way to Infinite Abundance Part 1

I would like to discuss the "Way to Infinite Abundance." TheTruth is one, so the way to infinite abundance, health and harmony is the same truth. If we understand and practice this way of life, we will be able to become not only prosperous but also healthy and fulfilling life.

We have to know the truth that we are all children of God. We are already perfect and harmonious as we are. We don't have to add anything in order to become perfect. In other words, we are already healthy and wealthy in the True Image, and the True Image exists within ourselves. However, many people do not realize this truth and are struggling in their lives. Their minds do not have roots in the True-Image World. In the Truth of Life Vol. 8 it is explained:

"True peace of the soul, happiness of the soul, and the highest sense of security are not things which we can attain so long as we seek them externally." (TOL Vol. 8, p.59)
"Ordinary people may think that material possessions, money, physical strength, etc. come to them only after they had strained both body and mind in an attempt to bring them about from the outside. Material possessions, money, physical strength, and the like, obtained in this manner may appear for a while to be real, but they soon disintegrate if they do not have strong roots in the world of the mind. All true abundance, whether of wealth or physical health, must come from unstrained effort originating naturally in the self as well as in its environment after one has been deeply united with God within his soul. That which has been obtained in this manner has its roots in a different world in the infinite supply called God; therefore, it may appear precarious to others, but there is nothing more secure." (Ibid., pages 60-61)

How then can we connect to God? It is Shinsokan Meditation. God isthe source of infinite health, wealth and eternal peace. God gave everythig needed to His children. All we have to do is realize this truth and carry it out. The way to manifest it is Shinsokan Meditation to deepen our faith and deeds of love to carry out our faith. We have to do good for others and help others physically, mentally and spiritually.

Some people understand this interllectually but cannot perform it. Or, they may not exactly know what they should do. It is not difficult but they need to know their state of mind. They don't properly understand their minds. Therefore, I am going to explain this so that we realize infinite abundance in our lives.

Now, we know Shinsokan Meditation is essential for us to realize the infinite abundance, but what and how can we appy it in order to become wealthy. Here are some questions which will tell you in which direction your mind faces, whether your mental attitude is positive or negative, or whethr you actually believe in God or mterial existence. Please answer the following 13 questions. These are simple "Yes/No" questions. All you need to do is to honestly answer "Yes" or "No." You should answer "Yes" or "No" based on how you think but not what you think the proper answer should be.

(1) I sometimes think that being poor is good. (Vol. 8, p. 131)
(2) I have an inferiority complex of health, prosperity or happiness, or have the poverty (sickness, misfortune) syndrome (means that you are attracted to a negative situation. For example, you have used fear to influence a decision that has held you back because it goes beyond your comfort zone.) (p. 140)
(3) When I need $10,000, I wish I had $15,000 because having $15,000 is better than $10,000. (p. 120)
(4) In daily life I often talk about a blood pressure, a blood-sugar level or the rising and falling of the stock market. (p. 90)
(5) I sometimes think that my wish is not easily realized. (TOL magazine April 1983)
(6) I often think that I would be happy or successful if I had this or that. (TOL magzine June 1983)
(7) Sometimes I become angry and upset or suffer from losing money because of my stocks falling down. (TOL magazine October 1983)
(8) I give money when a homeless person asks me to spare money. (p. 53)
(9) I am nervous and worry about how much I improve. (p. 55)
(10) It is nice to understand infinite abundance; however, it is bette for me to have actual material wealth in this physical world. (p. 79)
(11) I would definitely worry if my company was bankrupt or I suffered from an illness. (p. 80)
(12) It is good for us to use more world resources because the more we use them, the more world resources increase in accordance with the law of the mind. (p. 117)
(13) Using a business class seat than economy class seat is fulfilling God's Will. (p. 124)

These questios can tell your state of mind as to how positive or neative you are in accordance with the explanation of the Truth of Life Vol. 8 and Truth of Life magazine from January to December issues of 1983. Now, how many "Yeses" do you have?

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