Monday, September 20, 2010

Way to Infinite Abundance Part 4

I listed these steps by using Truth of Life Vol. 8 to help you to understand the way to Infinite abundance; however, you need to read this volume carefully by yourself. Then you will increase your understanding of the way to infinite abundance. Now, let us practice the first concrete exercise.

Exercise 1: This exercise is to enlarge the size of our "mental cup." In order to enlarge it we have to change our perception. If we think the same way that ordinary people think, it doesn't work. To enlarge our mental cup means to actually think large, believe that we have already received greatly and enjoy what we have received. The following is an example how you should perceive a thing or situatin. My acquaintance and my mother in Japan istalled 2KW and 3KW solar panel system almost 5 years ago. They use photovoltaic electricity in their homes and the extra energy which has been produced by their solar panels is sold every month. They received almost $50 every month. Since November 2009, a new regulation of purchasing electricity of photovoltaic electricity was implemented in Japan, their extra income suddenly increased $100 each month. Imagine that you had installed the solar panel system 5 years ago and now you have an extra $100 income. How do you perceive this in order to enlarge your mental cup?

Answer (an exmaple): This is one of the ways you can perceive this situatin. Because of the new regulation my acquaintance has an extra $100 income every month. To accumulate this for a year, it will become $1,200. In Japan a regular saving account's interest rate is 0.004%. in order for him to receive $1,200 interests a year, he has to have $3,000,000 in his saving account. He decided to think that he has $3,000,000 in his bank so that he is able to receive $100 every month as its interest. In this way he is able to actually think in his mind that he has $3 million in the bank and as a result he enjoys $100 of the interest every month. By thinking this way we are able to enlarge our mental cup. This is only an example, but you can think anything in this way and enlarge your mental cup. Consiquently, you will be able to receive what you visualize in your mind.

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